Meet the Coaches

Each registered team will be paired with a Lakeridge Health expert to coach them through their simulation scenario. Coaches will be chosen at random from a hat during the evening Pep Rally. 

But there's one exception! The team that raises the most money will have the advantage of choosing their own coach. 

Coaches for 2018 (so far):

Dr. Arun Mathur  Surgical Department
Andy Benson Central East Pre-hospital Care Program
Dr. Rocco Lombardi  Emergency Department
Dr. Joel Kennedy Emergency Department & Family Medicine 
Dr. Adam Puzio Anaesthesia
Dr. Shannon Trainor Surgical Department
Dr. Luke Zheng Paediatrics 
Dr. John Dickie Chief, Department of Surgery
Dr. Parul Katyal Anaesthesia
Dr. Tom Morton Surgical Department
Dr. Greg Athaide Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Craig Holt Emergency & Critical Care

Meet our coaches from last year:

Dr. Arun Mathur   Surgery Department 
Dr. Randy Wax  Critical Care and Academic Affairs 
Andy Benson  Central East Pre-hospital Care Program
Dr. Rocco Lombardi  Emergency Department
Shelley Hynes  Emergency and Critical Care
Jane Heath  Respiratory Educator
Dr. Karim Soliman  Emergency and Critical Care
Dr. John Dickie   Chief of Surgery and Section Chief of Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Parul Katyal  Anaesthesia