Rules & Regulations

  1. Deposits and entry fee are non-refundable unless the tournament event is cancelled.
  2. A boat will have no more than 2 competitors in it during the event.
  3. Only competitors who are registered may participate in the tournament
Tournament Rules - Weigh In
  1. Total weight of no more than 5 fish will be recorded.
  2. The team with the most weight is declared the winner.
  3. Teams are not permitted to carry any more than 5 fish on tournament day.
  4. Bass must be at least 12 inches in order to be weighed.
  5. Bass under 12 inches will NOT be weighed.
  6. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass are permitted in live wells during competition.
  7. Dead fish will be weighed with a 1 pound penalty per dead fish.
  8. Teams who arrive late to the weigh-in will suffer a 0.5 pound penalty for every minute they are late.
  9. Teams who are more than 15 minutes late for weigh in will be disqualified.
Big Fish Contest
  1. The Big Fish Contest is an optional contest.
  2. Competitors must enter the contest prior to blast off.
  3. The prize will be awarded to the competitor with the heaviest single fish.
  4. Big Fish entries must be alive. Dead fish may not be entered in the Big Fish Contest.
  5. In case of a tie, the competitor with the heaviest bag of fish will win the Big Fish Contest.
  6. In case of a tie of the heaviest bag, competitors will have a 1 hour fish off.
  7. After the 1 hour the competitor with the single biggest fish will be declared the winner.
  1. Competitors must have a valid Ontario "Sport" fishing license.
  2. All laws and regulations from the license must be followed.
  3. Team numbers will determine the order of departure.
  4. Live bait may NOT be used during the tournament.
  5. Artificial lures, pork and scents are permitted.
  6. Nets to ASSIST fishermen are permitted (netting fish without using rods is prohibited.)
  7. Teams may not fish within 100 feet of any other competitor or ministry nets.
  8. Life jackets must be worn while gas powered motor is running.
  9. No alcohol or non-prescription drugs are permitted.
  10. In case of a tie for first place the heaviest fish from each of the tied teams will be weighed.
  11. The team with the heaviest fish will be declared the winner.
Departure Ranking
  1. Top 5 teams from previous year have priority over respective ranking.
  2. Competitors holding a top 5 rank, can delegate or trade their spot as they wish.
  3. If a Top 5 team splits up, they must decide who gets the ranking.
  4. Top 10 fundraising teams will be placed in the 6-15 spots on the launch list
  5. Teams ranking 6-10 for 2018 will be placed in the 16-20 spots on the launch list
  6. All other competitors will be ranked based on time of payment.
  7. After all payment competitors are ranked, the remaining competitors are ranked by time of registration.

If you have questions regarding the rules and regulations please contact the Fish 4 Charity team at