How it Works


5:00-6:00 pm      Registration
6:00 pm  Pep Rally & Coach Draft
6:30 pm    Challenge and Activities Begin
8:30 pm   Awards Ceremony

Food and Drink will be served throughout the evening.

1. Register a team of 4-6 people.  Use your personalized page to raise funds for your local hospital by challenging friends, family members and colleagues to sponsor your quest to be a doctor for the night.  

2. Arrive on April 12 ready to have fun. Registration begins at 5:00 pm. Don't be late and join us for the fun pep rally and meet your competition.  

3. Meet your coach.
 Coaches are randomly drawn from a hat with the exception of our top fundraising team who can choose their leader.  

4. SIM lab Scenario: Enter one of 3 state-of-the-art simulation rooms at Lakeridge Health and learn about your scenario. Jump in, race the clock and have fun with your coach as you try to assess, treat and experience a real medical challenge.

5. Scoring:
Each team will be scored on a number of criteria including, enthusiasm, teamwork, outcome and fundraising revenue. Points will be given when you participate in our activities and post from the event on social media.  

6. Rejoice with food, drink and fun. After your scenario enjoy a number of fun activities plus food and drink. Watch fellow teams through our live feed in the reception area.  

NightShift 2017 Highlights:

Winning Team: Conpute Care  
Top Fundraising Team: You've Been Schooled 
Total Raised: $17,006